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FRESHH Inc. Theatre presents 2019 Next to Kin One Act Festival: A Tribute to Octavia Butler


"Better to stay alive," I said. "At least while there's a chance to get free."

The "Next to Kin" One Act Play Festival continues our homage to "Kindred" by examining the lives and stories of Black women in the future. 

Due to last year's successful inaugural festival, FRESHH has decided to continue our focus on the belief that Black women have the tools and capacity to survive even the most turbulent of times and that we, indeed, make it to the "future." We know that despite systemic attempts to break and oppress Black women, we have the innate ability to not only survive but thrive, using our own creative genius.   

Using the work of Octavia Butler as inspiration, each playwright will work with a director and dramaturge to develop her work in connection to FRESHH's desire to redesign models of theatre in order to celebrate and uplift our own traditions and cultures.

When you buy tickets to the show, make sure to enter code: TESHONNE so they know who sent you :P