Am/Co Photography


What I do
By day, I am an arts and non-profit professional. I have a background in performing arts-related marketing and communications. I support artistic projects all over the DC area.

By night, I write. I write fiction and I am currently working on self-publishing my first ever novel. I also consider myself an emerging and budding playwright. My first short play, Afromemory, was produced at FRESHH Inc. Theatre's Next to Kin One-Act Festival and a full-length version of the play was produced in a staged reading at the Kennedy Center's Page-to-Stage Festival in Fall 2018.

I perform. When the opportunity arises, whether its to perform in a full-length play like FRESHH Inc. Theatre's Surrender, or a short play in Young Playwrights' Theater's New Play Festival, I jump at the chance to be a part of the magic.

I'd like to think that I live a creative life at all times. I love the performing arts, and visual arts. I love seeing how art can connect with people, and connect people, and I really do believe that art is a very viable way to affect change in our communities. 

Why I do what I do, whatever I do...

As a lover of stories, I reveled in the prospect of getting lost in fantastical universes, where anything can happen, where anyone can do or be anything. But alongside my enthusiasm was the acceptance that people that looked like me did not really exist in many of the stories that I loved.  

As a budding story-teller, I no longer accept that Black women don’t belong in fantastical stories. The genre known as speculative, including science fiction and fantasy, is still pining for more Black women voices and more Black women stories that expand definitions of Black humanity, Black womanhood and Black consciousness. There is beauty and wonder in the the strength of Black women and my prose and dramatic writing intend to place Black women characters in 3-dimensional form with infinite possibilities of what they are truly capable of. Furthermore, my artistic goal in any project that I am involved in will always and forevermore compel the audience, the reader, the onlooker, the receiver to view Black women as human, as complex people deserving of respect and agency, and most importantly, as awesome.

What else?

I support community activism, I support dismantling oppression, and I support diversity. I support real, honest conversations about issues that affect us most, though at times very differently.

I love to learn, and am always looking for the next documentary. I love films; I love music; I love DC. I love Chocolate.

I'm a Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp.